Monday, February 9, 2009

The Hands That Carried Me

Lying on my filthy mat

Thinking if I’d ever get up

But when I was losing hope

They came and told me about You

Eyes filled with faith

Words full of love

They said You could heal me,

Save me, give me life and more


Thank You Lord for the hands that carried me

Thank You for the hearts that never gave up

Thank You for their faith that made me believe

Jesus, Thank You for the friends

who brought me to You

My burden-bearers endured

The long journey for me

It tried their faith (in You)

but they prayed and believed

Though I was heavy,

they remained strong

Bringing me to my Savior

Who was waiting all along


Oh, I never knew love

Until You sent them to pick me up

Now I’m able to stand up and walk

Send me to do the same for You

Note: This is a song I wrote based on the Story of Four Friends who brought their Paralytic Friend to Jesus.

Copyright 2008